Not very exciting, just life

Don’t really know why I am doing this. I think I will use it as a diary but of what. My day today started with talking with my friend who’s partner took his own life. I hope I was able to help her today and I know I will be able to in the days to come. She says we were destined to meet and be friends because we have had similar experiences.
So today after talking with her I did some cleaning had some ratatouille made by Katie left over from yesterday. Read some of my book club choice which is The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens. It will be very hard to talk about this book at the club as the language and subject matter is so alien to our daily lives. How does one attempt to criticise one of the greatest authors that ever lived anyway?I must say I am warming to it and as I write I have one of the characters in my head and want to know more about him (what happened in his life that has led him to spend so much time in the opium den for example?) Bought a chicken for dinner, put lemon and garlic inside it and put it in the oven. I have wrestled with parsnip, swede and potatoes that came from Killian’s father’s garden. They were gnarled and unresponsive – they just wanted to fight me but I have them tamed and waiting for cooking.
So that’s it. A half a day in the life of the old lady. I have Coronation Street to look forward to tonight as there are two episodes on a Monday. I believe CS and CD have something in common even if it is only their episodic delivery.


3 thoughts on “Not very exciting, just life

  1. First, it’s older, not old. We are all older than somebody else. All of us. Second, don’t denigrate the ordinary. It’s beautiful. Third, I love the description of your vegetables as “gnarled and unresponsive”. If any near relative of yours is a writer it’s not off the ground they licked it.

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