Accommodation search

Yesterday I spent a good deal of the day visiting apartments in the Dublin Docklands area. Butler’s Court, Waterfront and Longboat Quay are all new buildings in this area that once contained a huge gasometer and lots of sheds and small factories. Nothing really grabbed me as anywhere I would like to live. The one bedroomed apartments were claustrophobic and although I ‘should’ be thinking of living on the ground floor I did not feel comfortable in them. I was disappointed but at the same time it has made me think more about what exactly I really want.

I am living in a small two bedroomed apartment on the second floor of a very pleasant apartment block and the location for me at present is great. Also I am living with my youngest daughter and her partner and this is working out well. I like to have my own space but I get that when they are both at work and look forward to seeing them in the evening. They are very happy to have me living with them on a permanent basis when they buy their home in the Spring of 2010. Should I burden them with the woman I will be in ten years time? I have to decide if that is what I really want and take their word that they really want me.

Why is it so difficult to make a decision like this? I suppose it is the ‘what if’ element. Maybe I should think “what would I do if I had unlimited resources” and work from there.


2 thoughts on “Accommodation search

  1. Good question. I look forward to reading what you would do with unlimited resources. I can see you in a penthouse overlooking the Liffey, a personal masseuse and nutritionist on call 24 hours, a home cinema and a nanny for help when the grandchildren descend.

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