Three events in one day, whow!

I had a very busy and eventful day yesterday. Usually one thing in a day is enough for me!

Michael picked me up at 9 am and we went to Lucan for P’s funeral. There were loads of people there as he and his parents were well known in the area. I thought M was a little sidelined but I am sure that was OK with her. What’s going on in our heads and hearts is more important than outward show. I was not happy to see that the three items that were brought up to go in the coffin, which supposedly were to symbolise his life, were a framed photograph of Anfield, a red football and a Liverpool jersey. Is that all there was, I don’t believe so. On the way out a tenor sang You’ll never walk alone.

Met B for lunch in Parigi’s and had a great conversation about reincarnation and ghang (not the right spelling). He illustrated how it was helping him by telling me how he berated a man in a computer store who had, he thought, misinformed him. He argued for about 20 minutes and then realised this was not what he should be doing whereupon he turned to the man and said he was sorry for causing him discomfort, owned up to his bad behaviour, shook hands and left the shop. I imagine the guy is still looking at the door as it swung shut. We had a great laugh about it all. I think when there are things outside my ken it is good to keep it lighthearted. The upshot appears to be that our lives are one great movie and there is not a lot we can do to change anything as it has already been cast, played out and it’s a wrap as they say in the industry. No such thing as free will? B says nevertheless we must always try to do our best otherwise there is a chance we come back as a lower being. He also talked about how success is meaningless. We came back to the house, discussed finances and then he gave me a treatment on my legs which was very helpful.

OK so that should be enough for one day but no I went to see The Birds by Conor McPherson at the Gate adapted from the short story by Daphen Du Maurier. The first act was a bit slow but all in all I enjoyed it. It was thought provoking. What would you do if you were trapped in a house with a girl and a man while birds invaded every six hours? The playwright gave us a insight. I went with M who picked me up and dropped me home. He is so polite and such a gentleman. Does there have to be more?


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