Always say yes?

Before I retired I was reluctant to commit to ‘events’, now I almost always say yes. When asked to go to a party in Tipperary I agreed to it immediately.

I was so glad I did as I had a great weekend in Cashel. K’s grandmother was 80 and the brothers/sons had arranged a party. We travelled down on the bus and on the way N asked where I was staying and when I said the Cashel Palace Hotel, he laughed and said he hoped I didn’t get room 16 as it was a well known fact that it was haunted. Of course that was the room assigned to me and when word got around everyone was asking if I had seen anything. Everyone had a different version of what exactly I was supposed to see but most stories included a black dog. I am sorry to say that nothing happened much to my disappointment.

In Cashel I could be seen as an outsider as I am after all only a prospective in-law who was born in London and living in Dublin for the past 44 years. This did not stop everyone embracing me as one of their own. I really enjoyed being a countrywoman for the weekend and getting to know all the relations.

Home again now and not feeling too good. I think I ate too much whilst away and my digestion is suffering. Moderation, moderation, why do I always forget?

Staying with R and the twins for a few days. They would put a smile on anybody’s face, tummy ache or not.

Please note the question mark on the heading because that tells you that I am not always able to just go with things even now. I have been invited to a Baroque concert in Ardee later this month and I am dithering. Where is Ardee anyway? How long will it take to get there? Will I accidentally fall asleep as I nearly did last time I went to a concert? It’s OK for normal people but I snore loudly when asleep and the mortification of that would be unbearable. Slipping back into old behaviour. Much easier to stay home and watch the Antiques Roadshow. What should I do?


5 thoughts on “Always say yes?

  1. Go! You may never know what awaits you – the world is full of opportunities and possibilities – take some caffeine before you go to stay awake!

  2. Can I comment on Roisin’s comments – Ann’s blog i good as a standalone but with Ro’s comments its even better – and should improve if advice is implemented.

    Good job on the blog – I think its a great idea- much better than twittter!

  3. The key question to ask is ‘Do I really love Baroque music?’ If the answer is ‘no’, I would watch the Antiques Roadshow with a clear conscience.

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