Telephone calls and Jehovah Witnesses

Just had a marathon telephone session with brothers and sister in the UK and friends in Ireland.

Brother 1 is doing fine but finding it heavy going looking after his wife who is now at home after having a stroke. Brother 2 is not speaking to Brother 1 and is very happy for this situation to continue. I said that the Arsenal v Tottenham match today would add to the strife but Brother 2 said the situation between them couldn’t get any worse win or lose. Brother 2 is very well and has just finished reading the second Larson book (well listening to it on audio) and is looking forward to the third and last. Brother 2’s wife, E, is off on a Jehovah Witness ‘jolly’ and I must look that up to see what they are celebrating today. JW’s don’t go in for a lot of celebration as they do not believe in Easter, Christmas, Birthdays and definitely not Cheltenham. Anyway I digress.

My Sister is recovering from an arm injury but is gradually improving. Actually I don’t speak to her directly as her hearing does not permit and she usually shouts in the background as I talk to P her husband. She did not do any shouting today so I am not happy about that. When she shouts I really know she is OK.

Next I spoke to E’s mother-in-law, P, who is by now a friend. Unfortuntely she has shingles. This is very debilitating and she sounded very sad.

Just googled and see that Charles Taze Russell died on 31 October 1916. It was he who started the study sessions of the bible in the JW movement and I also I think was instrumental in the Watchtower magazine. Maybe they celebrate deaths and not births. More research needed.

Some ill health around and I might just add that the flu jab I got yesterday seems to have left me with a cold. The fact that I also got one for pneumonia might not help. Anyway I will recover soon.

Regarding the trip to Ardee and the concert, I am still vacillating.


3 thoughts on “Telephone calls and Jehovah Witnesses

  1. Jumping Jehovah, that was some phonecall. Sorry to hear about Brother Number1 and Brother Number 2, somebody (you?) needs to knock their heads together once and for all. Hope Joyce is OK and your cold is better soon xxx

  2. Don’t agree with the knocking the heads together bit…
    If two adults don’t want to see each other then that should be their own choice.
    Bad enough you have to do things you don’t want to do in the name of “family” when you’re young but when you become a OAP surely you can do and say whatever you want.
    Isn’t that the perk of being old? that’s the bit I’m looking forward to anyway.

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