Cornish pasties and Indian voices in Dublin

The day started on a bad note when I found that my land line phone was out of battery which meant I had to use my mobile to phone Dell. A friend gave me a super duper printer which was out of cartridges and also I was having trouble getting it to talk to the PC and that was why I was making the call.

I just love phoning Dell even though it takes ages and is expensive because there is always a charming man or woman to help you. “You sound as if you have a cold, Ann” said the man from New Delhi. “You had better get a cup of tea it will do you good”. His solicitious tone made me feel better and whilst he ‘took over’ my computer (don’t you love the way the cursor rambles all about without you touching keyboard or mouse) I made that cup of tea.

At the end of that long phone call my printer would have worked except for the fact that I had no cartridges but these are now on their way together with some more memory to speed things up.

I felt I had achieved something and got myself ready to go out to lunch with son B and his girlfriend G at Feast the vegetarian restaurant at the top of Powerscourt. M gave me a lift after I had fed him some oxtail stew and on the way he pointed out a small shop selling Illy coffee and nearly more importantly Cornish pasties. Stop, stop the car I said but he ignored me (well we were in the middle of a very busy road).

All through the very healthy lunch my mind was straying to the pasties and immediately afterwards I headed straight to my new favourite shop, Henleys, just opposite the Mansion House in Dawson Street. There they were steak ones, meat and gravy ones, cheesie ones all saying eat me, buy me. The young man behind the counter was from Cornwall and he told me that the pasties were made in St Just and immediately frozen and despatched to be cooked just for me (and you if you like) in Dublin. They start at €3.95. I bought three one for me, and the other two for my flatmates.

What do you think of the changes I have made to the blog?


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