The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

I hate reading reviews that tell you too much of the story. So much so that I mostly only read reviews of books I know I am not going to read myself. For this reason my intention is to interest you but not spoil your full enjoyment of this great book.
The Little Stranger is set in the time immediately after the Second World War. The themes encompass love, sibling rivalry, the rise and fall of the landed gentry, working class life at that time and the rise from that same class of the narrator Dr Farraday. The first 100 pages draw you in. The writing is wonderful and to the point. From then on the chill begins and this book turns into a psychological/supernatural whodunit.
I never thought I would be glad of a cold which kept my indoors and close to the book that has been my constant companion for the last three days. Sometimes I had to stop reading it for fear that it would end too soon. At 500 pages it is a big book but as I finished it today it was with great reluctance. Hundreds, the old house at the centre of the story, will stay with me as it does with Faraday. Has he told us the whole story? Maybe not but you can draw your own conclusions.


2 thoughts on “The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

  1. Hi, I absolutely loved this book, though it is a departure to the authors usual style. I have read all of Waters book and enjoyed them all, except one. I have also reviewed this book as well as her others. ‘Wolf Hall’ is yet another book on my TBR list – too many books and not enough time…..
    Kind regards
    from ‘Echostains’ and ‘Bookstains’

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