Stalking Richard and Judy by Valentine Honeyman

I bought this book because Stephen Fry recommended it on Twitter. If you are broadminded enough and like a good laugh you will love this book.  It’s real schoolgirl humour but what harm.  I loved the one-liners most of which I will never use as coming out of my mouth they would be totally inappropriate (what would the children say?). Was this book intended for the gay fraternity? I’m not sure but it definitely deserves a wider audience. His take on growing older made me laugh out loud:
Old people really aren’t funny, are they? They make you worry about your future. One day you’re upgrading your mobile every time they bring out a shinier one and illegally downloading the Artic Monkeys. Then, all of a sudden, you lose it. You go out and buy an entire new wardrobe in mushroom-coloured polyester and you have to phone your grandchildren before you can use the microwave. Why is that? And, more importantly, when?”
Haven’t quite reached that stage yet and when I do I’m more likely to wear purple than beige.


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