Bewleys lunchtime theatre and other delights

Had a great day yesterday.  Went to the lunch-time theatre in Bewleys Cafe in Grafton Street where I saw two new short pieces by an American playwright Neil Labute.  I suppose they could be summed up by saying that the author conveyed to his audience how we can never know how we will react to life changing experiences.  The acting was brilliant and the soup was good too.

Afterwards I had the eyebrows seen to by a lovely young lady in Benefit in Brown Thomas.

A vegetarian meal provided by M and R rounded off the day perfectly.

Having  three events in one day gives me great satisfaction whatever they might be.  I sometimes feel guilty because I am able to do whatever I like, whenever I like, even if it is only spending time writing, whilst others are slogging away.  Speak of writing I must really discipline myself and get on with the memoir.  I need an incentive or maybe a deadline.  Any ideas?


2 thoughts on “Bewleys lunchtime theatre and other delights

  1. Ann, Think of all the books which have given you great pleasure because in some way they may have validated the way you feel about a certain aspect of life, or have helped you to respond to situations differently, or offered you a conversation topic with your family and friends which heretofore had been a no-go area, or given you a good laugh. Now, imagine what your life would be like without all those wonderful authors. CS Lewis remarked somewhere “We read to know we are not alone”. Your incentive is to produce your memoir because it would be a remarkable contribution to people feeling less alone in the world. Ali

    • Ali, thank you so much for reminding me that my words might help others. Sometimes reading good literature (what am I saying even bad literature) intimidates me as I am so in awe of anyone putting pen to paper, leaving themselves open to criticism and possible ridicule. Of course that is all about my ego which I always have a problem with. The good thing is I know this and try all the time to work on it. I will get back to that memoir even if it is only for you my lovely friend.

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