Grandchildren, I love you, but ….

Every single one of you!  I see you all on a regular basis, some more than others due to distance (and I do miss seeing you growing and developing).  At the moment you two girls being only 7 months old  seem to be demanding my attention a little more than is usual  but that will change.

There is a little of me in all of you and I do hope you feel that is a good thing.

Just want to say that because I am not one of those grandmothers who devote their whole being to their grandchildren that my love for you isn’t deep and true.  I believe that a grandmother who embraces life and reaches out to the world can be of more value to you in the long run than someone who sits and minds and fusses and is at everyone’s beck and call.  Know what I mean?


2 thoughts on “Grandchildren, I love you, but ….

  1. I totally know what you mean Nanny Ann.

    P and I love having you around, but OMG it would be so, like, boring if you never had anything to tell us except tales of other grandchildren.

    We like to hear you talk to Mummy about the books you’ve read, the plays you’ve seen, the short stories you’ve listened to on Radio 4 and the men you’ve met on that Internet thingy you are always banging on about.

    It brightens up what can sometimes be very dull days. R and J have ‘How Much Is That Doggy In The Window’ on a loop and much as we like it, janey mac, that song can get tiresome.

    It was especially good to have you around this week when P was going through the wars. I’m not being funny, and it was terrible she was sick and had mouth ulcers and all, but the truth is it meant more food for me and God the food is good around here. I’m talking Papaya. I’m vibing Mango and Blueberry. I’m jiving fillet of cod with orange sauce and carrots. Drool. And I mean actual drool. Litres of it. What? I’m teething for the love of Buddha.

    Anyway, I’ve got to go and eat my tea (braised beef with sweet potato and orange seen as you’re asking, a veritable Henrician feast) but rest assured we know your love is deep and true and that you have an actual life. Tweet ya later,

    Your second youngest grand child

    Joya xxx

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