Roy Keane and other philosophers

Met my good friend the other day for coffee and a chat.  Like the walrus in Alice through the looking glass we spoke of  “shoes  and ships and sealing-wax of cabbages and kings……” not really just all those things you discuss when you haven’t met for ages.  In our case it was babies, funerals, work, long walks on Dun Laoghaire pier and relationships.

We never seem to end these encounters without re-affirming our beliefs.  Cafe philosophers is what we are. We believe that whatever other people wish to do we have no role to play, we can only make sure that we live according to the inner voice that guides us which is no easy thing at the best of times. We can change but we can’t change anyone else. What’s done is done let it go. Everything is as it should be and we have only this moment, this precious, wonderful moment.

As another amateur philosopher, Roy Keane, said recently in relation to a football mishap “get over it, move on”.


One thought on “Roy Keane and other philosophers

  1. Now I know why Peter is extending Brownes on Sandymount Green. It is to accommodate the Sandymount Amateur Cafe Philosopher Society (SACPS). It is a sign of the changing times when emerging artists, poets, writers, philosophers and psychologists are seeking their stimulation from the cup of coffee and a chat in the coffee shop rather than the alcohol induced kind in the pubs. I was reading an old-fashioned book by Dorothea Brande called ‘On Becoming a Writer’ and she was recommending the now-popular Mate tea as a stimulant because it has the effects of keeping you awake during the long hours of writing without the undesirable effects of too much caffeine. Maybe so, but I still love my good cup of coffee. Ali

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