Christmas morning 2009

Happy Christmas to all my readers.  I have learned this morning that some of you are reading in Germany.  I am so flattered and it will give me greater impetus to keep going.

Off now to stuff the turkey and oversee the cooking of what I hope will be a successful meal.

It brings to mind the Christmas Day long ago when I took all the children to mass and on my return found the turkey burnt.  In my haste to get them all presentable I had forgotten to turn down the initial high temperature.  The turkey was black on the outside and nearly raw inside.  I sat on the floor with the turkey and cried with the children all around me wondering why it mattered so much.  I rallied and scraped off the burnt bits and put it back in the oven again.

This year I intend to concentrate not only on the cooking of the turkey but also on the eating of the meal.  I intend to  enjoy every morsel of the feast.

It’s only one day as they say but the postmortems and ham and poached egg breakfast are what I love on St Stephen’s Day.

Love to everyone, wherever you are.


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