An old flame, I don’t think so

Hello, it’s John!

The official definition of an old flame is  a person that somebody has had an emotional, usually passionate, relationship with, who is still looked on fondly and with affection.

John telephoned last night to tell me that his father had died.  The funeral is today and he asked would I come.  His father was 94 and I haven’t seen the man for 30 years.  John obviously wanted an excuse to see me.  Don’t ask me why.  He was the man who broke my heart not once but twice and even attempted to do it a third time but I’m not that stupid.

“Are you still as lovely as ever” he said.  How does one answer that.  His attempts at flirtation were ludicrous.

I didn’t say I wouldn’t come I just said I’d see, but I knew that this was out of the question.  I remembered the time I waited for him in a pub in Dun Laoghaire years ago when he didn’t show up.  The bad part of me wants him to keep turning around in the church to see if I appear like I did whenever the door opened in that bar.

So by the above definition John is not an old flame because I do not “look upon him fondly and with affection”.  I rarely think of him but when I do it is with negative emotions.

Goodbye John!


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