New Year’s Eve with B and me

Spent New Year’s Eve with my second eldest grandchild B who is 13.  We went to the shop and bought chicken kief, oven chips (those fancy ones in a silver packet), posh crisps, white chocolate, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Pepsi and a small bottle of sparkling wine for me.  A feast for the last day of the old year.

After dinner we had a call from W to say that there was a partial eclipse of the moon happening at 7.23 pm.  We felt duty bound to watch this phenomenon which would not happen again for 323 years.  Down in the courtyard we had ringside seats and the clouds obligingly left the sky.  We were alone.  I had assumed that the world and his wife would be out to look at the moon but we sat in the cold and tried to take pictures on our mobile phone and the only couple that passed by looked at us strangely. B had a fit of the giggles and we went inside to warm up.

Poor B had to endure a couple of soaps on TV before we turned over to Mr Ben and Father Ted.

We saw in the new year with Jools Holland. The gorgeous Paolo Nutini performed; Ruby Turner was great singing ‘This Train’ and Tom Jones with his young friend from the Stereophonics, Kelly Jones, singing ‘Mama told me not to come’ was the highlight for me

.  Paloma Faith with red hair blazing blasted out a song about TV being the thing this year. Great energy, music and fun.

We had a brilliant time and B and I danced around the place.  When midnight came the boats on the Liffey sounded their sirens and shortly after we went to bed.

A very good start to 2010.


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