Positive thinking, not so easy sometimes

Brother Eddie is 85 today.  I telephoned to wish him a happy birthday and asked him was he doing anything to celebrate.  I am looking after this old lady beside me, she can’t do much after her stroke and now that she has broken her wrist she can’t even use her walking stick.

He sounded  miserable.

Aren’t you lucky Eddie, I said.

What do you mean, he replied.

You have someone to love and look after and she loves you all the more because of all that you do for her, what more could you want, I said.

There was silence for a moment, you could almost hear his brain whirring, and then

You’re right, he said.

Long chats with two of my daughters over the Christmas period resulted in them passing on their firmly held beliefs about negative thoughts.  One said ‘turn it around’ the other ‘flip it’.

It’s easy to pass on the message not so easy to put it into practice.  I try to do my best.

(How to get the best out of everything, Flip It by Michael Heppell)

(Byron Katie at http://www.thework.com)


5 thoughts on “Positive thinking, not so easy sometimes

  1. Amazing how something so simple can be so hard. But we can only try. Thanks for this post, Eddie is lucky to have you as his sister.

  2. Hello Ann,
    this is so important to do – getting people to change their thinking around from negative “I’m a victim” to positive “Aren’t I lucky”. Thinking positively is so empowering and enabling. My latest article is just out today on this very subject as well – if you take a peek on dawnekovan.com I’d love to hear what you think.
    I am hoping to return to Dublin in the Spring – we’re deep in snow at the moment and can’t really imagine spring – however, would love to meet up when I’m in town.

    Hope your foot is well now,
    Dawne xx

    • Thank you for commenting on my blog and the link to yours. Unfortunately The Secret is not for me although I know many people who find it invaluable. I am just grateful for what I have here and now. Love to meet up with you again when the weather gets warmer!

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