Bridges to cross

Much happier today as I am able to walk on the streets which are almost free of snow and ice.  My mobile was refusing to charge so I crossed the Sean O’Casey bridge to visit the Car Phone Warehouse where I obtained a new one at no cost.

I am still trying to get my head around the new way of operating the mobile but was pleased to find that I now have an attachment from which I can send photographs.  Just to test it out whilst I was having lunch in Toss’d Salads and Noodles in the CHQ I took a photograph of my chicken noodle soup.  It was as delicious as it looks by the way.

I then wandered on to Marks and Spencer in the IFSC and bought some sushi and carrot cake as treats for my flat mates and myself.

Crossed back over the river on the new Samuel Beckett bridge. This bridge is being called the bridge to nowhere by some Dublin motorists as it is tricky to turn on to if you are coming from the north side of the city. For pedestrians like myself it suits just fine.  I suppose by now you have realised that I  am very very happy to be a pedestrian again.


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