Green shoots

It’s a whole week since I wrote in this diary, so what’s been going on.

Quite a lot has occurred.  K and K went away for the weekend and came back with the announcement that they will marry on Thursday 15th July.  I am delighted for them and really looking forward to the happy day. Oh happy day.

I have booked my holiday in Skyros in June which was given to me by my children as a 70th birthday present.  It is what they call an ‘alternative’ holiday.  I will fly to Athens and then go by ferry to the island.  Each day I will spend two hours on a writing course and the rest of the time will be my own to swim, write, relax and generally soak in the sunshine.  No doubt I will come back looking bronzed and ready for the wedding.

I went to see the film The Road and found it a very moving experience.  As I left the cinema a lady who had been sitting two rows in front of me turned and asked “what was that all about”.  I could only reply “I suppose it means while there’s life there’s hope.”


2 thoughts on “Green shoots

  1. I haven’t seen it yet but I believe it’s BLEAK.Your message takes me back to Belfast in 1968 when I was visting my sister at Uni. I went to see “2001 a space odessy” in Cinerama and was totally in awe of the whole thing. As I left the cinema, a mother was walking out with her 2 toddlers (maybe she thought it was just a sci fi movie), one of which said.. “Ma, what was all that about….did he turn into a bay???” Needless to say I wasn’t much the wiser myself.

    • That is a coincidence. Funny things can happen coming out of a cinema. I remember taking my eldest grandchild to see Toy Story when it first came out and he was three. When we were out of the cinema he was stopping people in the street to tell them about Woody et al. He is 16 now and I still remind him about it.

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