Sandymount eats and treats

K drove me to the doctor who found on examination that I had a tummy thing going on and gave me a prescription.

We went on down to Sandymount and had lunch in ‘It’s a Four’ as a reward for what I am not quite sure but it seemed like the thing to do.  The restaurant is practically next door to where we used to live.  I looked across at the Green as we sat by window and all manner of thoughts came flooding back.

I bought some flowers as I had promised myself.  I know I gave the bio energy lady a bit of a hard time yesterday but what she did provide was a little time to think about myself and what I might do to enrich my life even more.

A bunch of flowers isn’t a big thing, I know, but it is quite amazing how happy it has made me.  It is nice to get a present of flowers but to buy them for oneself is different somehow.

We went into Mira Mira which is a wonderful shop on Sandymount Green, full of colour and delightful objects.  I bought a lampshade for my room.  K has put it up for me and it gives a pink glow which is very uplifting and a little seductive. However, as the computer desk, sleep apnea machine, book case, etc are all around me it is hardly turned my little room into a boudoir.  Dream on!

I came home to take my tablets and relax but it was not to be.  K went onto Dublin Waste which is a website where people give away furniture and stuff.  She spied some shelves and a little item on wheels and decided it was for us.  I had been looking for shelves for my room anyway.  Back in the car and off to Phibsboro we went and in 45 minutes we were back home again with our prizes.  I am going to rearrange my room and put up the shelves with a little help from my friends.

Never a dull moment.


2 thoughts on “Sandymount eats and treats

  1. Itsa 4 = My favourite restaurant. Mira Mira = My Favourite Shop. Borza’s = My Favourite Chipper. Remind me why you sold up again Ann … 😉 xxx

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