Five minute/100 word rule

I had lunch with a friend on Tuesday and she told me that she and her husband have a five minute rule.  They allow one another five minutes to talk about their ailments per day.  What  a good idea I thought.

Please indulge me if I allow myself 100 words, which I deem to be 5 minutes in real life, to talk about my current affliction.

I had an intermittent dull tummy ache for a few days and last Friday I went to the doctor who prescribed Buscopan which I duly took.  On Monday night I woke up at 3.30 am with a severe pain.  I took two Solpadeines, renewed the hot water bottle and tried to get back to sleep which was not easy.  On waking I decided not to take any more of the prescribed tablets.  Last night, Tuesday, at 3.38 am the same thing again although the pain was not quite so bad.  I took the Solpadeine, heated up the bottle and I was asleep again by 4.30 am.

I am wondering if the same thing will occur tonight at the same time. Will I keep you posted?  Are you dying to know? If so let me know.


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