Colonic irrigation anyone?

I must presume from the deadly silence that nobody out there wants to be updated on my physical condition.  I exaggerate I did have two phone calls from daughter S to check up on me and sister J sent an email to say that she sleeps soundly eight hours every night!

Nevertheless, I feel duty bound to write to say that I have recovered and am now sleeping well again.

During my sleepless nights I contemplated colonic hydrotherapy and I subsequently heard that Lady Diana found it worked for her.  Should I give it a go, I ask myself.


3 thoughts on “Colonic irrigation anyone?

  1. Hm, taking the cue from Lady Di – I’m not so sure… you would need to be very cautious about, you know, entering tunnels…

    Now I shall go and stand in the corner, feeling ashamed about my indecent comment about the past Princess of Wales.

    Good to hear that you are better! All the best from Germany,


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