Words and their impact!

I am dismayed to say that three adjectives I have encountered over the past week  have sent me to my dictionary.  The dismay comes because at some point I feel I might have been familiar with them and because I have not used or read them for a while they have slipped from my memory.  This is an attempt to put them firmly back in the part of my brain that remembers words, wherever that is.

Ersatz – apparently in German this is a noun – it means a substitute or imitation usually of inferior quality.  For example you could say you had an ersatz coffee made of grain.

Refulgent – shining, gloriously bright.  For example Crystal chandeliers and gilded walls made the opera house a refulgent setting for the ball.

Febrile – relating to fever, feverish. For example His body temperature got very high and he suffered a febrile seizure.

Speaking of which I nearly had one myself when I  found that  if you want people to read your blog put ‘colonic ‘ in the title.  Suddenly everyone was interested in this old lady’s ramblings.  I am more determined than ever to raid the piggy bank and have a go.  Needless to say all will be revealed if you see what I mean.


3 thoughts on “Words and their impact!

  1. I love/ loved the phrases and words you hear in Ireland,their origins sometimes being fascinating. My mother (and I beleive Shaw and O’casey) used to use the word..dishabells (pronounced dish a bells) meaning half dressed or in underwear as in ……”she was running around in the middle of the night in her dishabells.” Apparently it’s a chewed up version of the French….deshabille(undressed),obviously from the time when the French used to give us a helping hand against the Brits all those centuries ago……YEAH!!!!

  2. Hi Ann! This time I’ve bookmarked you! When I try to locate you through your comments, I get a blank page. I had heard of febrile and refulgent (well they seem familiar) I couldn’t tell you for sure what they meant, but I thought maybe febrile had something to do with the brain). This reminds me, last year I adopted a word – Locupletative (it means nurturing), I am supposed to slip it into sentences whenever I can… Why I picked such a hard word I do not know lol! Occasionally you will see this word in my blog (when I remember) I can’t see it making it’s way back into the English language somehow or other… If you would like to adopt a word the website is here http://savethewords.org/
    You will get an email certificate to show you have adopted your chosen word, and the words all leap up and down singing ‘choose me! (honest). These are all proper words too, just not in use any more.
    So Colonic is the new buzz word eh! People are becoming obsessed with their bowels and not their vowels lol!

    • Thanks for that. I will definitely get on to save the words. Just to let you know my latest Valentine’s Day blog shows a picture of my latest grandchildren. They are nine months old and identical twins.

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