Dear lord show me the way

Dear lord of board games

Just played Scrabble for the first time on the internet.  I got beaten royally by someone who had a thing going with three letter words.  I was half way through the game when I realised that there was no way I would know if my opponent was cheating and nor could she know if I were doing the same.  I, of course, wasn’t.  But was she?

First I was outraged.  What is the point if people are going to cheat?  How would I ever know if I was beaten fair and square?

Then I thought this could be a different way of playing where access to the dictionary, the computer, two and three letter word lists, etc is possible for each player. It isn’t Scrabble as I know it but could acceptance of this new regime make me a better player?  When I go to play in the ‘real world’ would my performance be enhanced? I am excited but not sure what my next move should be.

Puzzled of  Dublin.


3 thoughts on “Dear lord show me the way

  1. Dear Puzzled of Dublin, Me too! This is a very good point Ann and perhaps where the internet falls down – too easy to cheat. I know people who get a lot out of playing chess by themselves (one person that I know is teaching herself this way). But Scrabble is not a game for one really, defeats the object. I wonder which games do lend themselves to online technology? Some people play Bingo online don’t they – I don’t know why I should be more suspicious of how the numbers are chosen (probably machine generated) than on say, The National Lottery or in a Bingo Hall. Most oddd.

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