Feeling a bit embarrassed to tell you the truth.

A few weeks back daughter R told me that the Irish Tatler was doing a Mother’s Day feature and wanted us two to participate.  Of course media whore that I am I said yes immediately although R was less enthusiastic. Daughter K was roped in to take our picture one morning.  I would like to say that one of the reasons I said yes was because I thought there would be a ‘photo shoot’ with lots of the attendant air brushing.  We both wrote our honest thoughts about one another and sent it off.

Now I haven’t seen it myself but I believe that Tatler did not Photoshop us!  And what’s more it wasn’t the tiny picture we anticipated but a full page spread. Apparently Anna Nolan and her mother look beautiful.  Well perhaps that’s because they actually are.

After flipping through the magazine in the shop, R did not purchase pleading lack of funds. From her reaction I guess our photo beside all the other glamorous Mother Daughter combos must look more Ireland’s Own than Vanity Fair.

A salutory lesson for this former media whore.

No conciliatory comments required.  You live, you learn and you laugh.


3 thoughts on “Photoshock

  1. Ann you look fine – you both do! It’s nice to be able to put a face to the name at last! I hate having my photo taken (I usually blink anyway) there are more photos of me blinking than any others. Our camera even asks ‘did anyone blink?’ now.

  2. Hey Ann, I found your blog at last!! I thought the photo and the article were both lovely. I got a subscription to Tatler through the Tesco deals otherwise would not bother with a magazine. Thats the last one in the subscription and I am glad. I never get the time or the interest in magazines to actually sit down and read. When it came, I skimmed through the photos as usual and there you were beautiful in blue. Never say no Ann, be a yes woman all your life. Happy blogging. Tracy xx

    • Glad you found the blog. I usually go into it about four times a week or just when things occur to me. You are very kind about the Tatler thing. Magazines never live up to our expectations and generally speaking we are better off without them. Ann

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