Art for real on Windmill Lane?

There used to be an old warehouse facing the apartment where I live.  About five years ago developers pulled it down. I took a photo of Grandchild M on the balcony before the final hammer.

The site lay waste for about a year and graffiti artists used the space to good effect.  Although they weren’t quite Banksy I enjoyed watching the daily display provided by artists and builders.

Eventually it was finished and as buildings go it is quite pleasing to look at.

It was completed just as the boom in Ireland was coming to an end and it has remained empty ever since, until last week.  Something is happening and it looks exciting.

During the day from my second floor apartment I can see artists delivering their work to the large empty space on the first floor.

At night when the place is lit up I can see inside as the installation progresses.

What’s going on?  Is it going to be a permanent gallery or just a one off exhibition?  I am sure all will be revealed soon enough and be sure I will keep you posted.

In the meantime I sit by the window, drink my coffee and see what’s occurring.


3 thoughts on “Art for real on Windmill Lane?

  1. Hey Ann looks like exciting developments are afoot! And you have a birds eye view. It would be great to have a gallery on the doorstep. I take it the ‘graffiti’ has been obliterated? I love Banksy’s art! I wrote an essay about artists who went against the conventional art machine and he was one of the artists featured. That’s all changed though now as he has become a commodity – there is always a danger when this happens of the artist becoming a pastiche. Hope you get your doorstep gallery!

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