Thinking of brother Eddie

Right now I am feeling sad.  My brother Eddie is in hospital.  He had a major operation on his colon and isn’t doing too well.  It’s hard because he is in Kent whilst I am in Dublin and all the information I get is second or third hand.  It seems he might have had a stroke after the operation and they are doing a brain scan as I write.

I am the fourth and last child in my family. When I was born on 23 August 1939 Eddie was 14, Ron was 13 and Joyce was eleven.

Now we are 70, 81, 83 and at Eddie’s last birthday on 5th January this year he was 85.

When my mother went into labour with me, it was Eddie who had to go with her to the German Hospital in Hackney because my father was not around. He was fourteen years old and the story goes that the nurse in the hospital asked him was he the father. He must have been a very mature looking young man.

I am thinking of you, Ed.


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