Wildly different and exciting

I promised to give more information about the exhibition which has opened just over the road from the apartment  in The Observatory: Wildly Different Things New York and Dublin – a BlueLeaf Unlimited Project 25th February to 20th March 2010 (www.blueleafgallery.com).

K and I went yesterday and found it most interesting.  For me the best exhibit was a film  showing Mary who used to pray and dance in the middle of O’Connell Street doing her thing.

There are some amazing exhibits and some even more amazing prices.

A digital C print byDavid Bell and Joe Scarpulla (€3791)

John Behan sculpture entitled oars (€7491)

A teacup installation by Margaret O’Brien

Searching for Evidence of False-Flag Operation at the Lake Isle of Inisfree – collage 15 x 16cm by Sean Hillen

Ass Festival, or a Painting in which nine higher men search for Zarathustra but completely miss him, Zarathustra finds himself in trouble, a potter who does not know his craft takes revenge on his pots

by Nick Musaelian (€6810)

Prices range from €50 for a bullet with your name on it –  engraved aluminium bullets hung from fishing lines (not sure if that price is for one or for what looks like about 50 of them) – upwards to €14,000 for a painting by Tom Climent.

It is well worth a visit, not to buy necessarily, but to view an exciting range of artistic endeavours by Irish and American exhibitors.


One thought on “Wildly different and exciting

  1. Thanks Ann! Looks a very interesting exhibition. Lucky you having it just over the road! I’d love to see the film about Mary who prayed and danced down O Connell Street! I like these little glimpses into our past – such characters are sometimes lost.

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