On or off the wagon

I’m all over the place and having trouble getting back into any kind of meaningful routine.  I have fallen off the wagon I said to my friend.  Are you sure, she said.

What was I trying to say? After doing some research I realised I was more off the mark than the wagon.

At the Tyburn Tree in Hyde Park public executions took place between 1196 and 1783.  At Newgate, having been released from their chains, prisoners were put on carts (often sitting on their coffins) with the hangman and, accompanied on all sides by peace officers, constables and javelin men to begin their last journey.

The journey was about 3 miles from Newgate to Tyburn.  Prisoners were permitted to stop off at an ale house on the way for one last drink which gave rise to the expression ‘one for the road’.  The guards minding the convicts could not drink because they had to stay ‘on the wagon’.  The condemned men were ‘off the wagon’ albeit for the last time.

Obviously that phrase was all wrong for the way I am.  I’m glad to say I haven’t taken to the drink nor do I intend to but inertia is creeping in and must be avoided at all costs.

I feel I should write myself a timetable just like in school only filled with a curriculum of things I need to do to keep me fit and well in mind and body.  Let’s see how that goes!


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