Dear Reader, I succumbed

Regular readers might remember my writing about an ‘old flame’ who contacted me in December last year to ask me to his father’s funeral and again in January this year.  I ignored him. He had treated me badly in the past although there was a time when I thought I loved him.

A few weeks back his partner left him and he took to pursuing me via the mobile phone, asking me to visit him in the country.  Having been reared in London and having spent most of my adult life in Dublin I am not well disposed to rural areas, but the idea of a day out on the two and a half acres he boasted of began to feel like a good idea.  What had I to lose?  I have free travel.  Spring had arrived and he was so persuasive.  Maybe this time.

So, dear reader, I succumbed.  Last Wednesday morning I set out on the 10 am train from Heuston, Dublin to Ballyfarawayinthecountry.

Alighting from the train there was only one man on the platform.  Could this be him?  It was only eight or nine years since I had seen him but he had changed.   He had a baseball cap on this head and a white square beard and he was very scrawny.  I approached and he smiled broadly and as he led me out to the car park he said “guess which one is mine”.  I guessed correctly and proceeded to the oldest dirtiest van in sight.  As I clambered up the smell hit me and the dust descended on my clothes.

That was just the beginning and worse was to come …….


6 thoughts on “Dear Reader, I succumbed

  1. Sounds like that wasn’t the best plan ever. However, I’m sure it’s going to make for interesting reading. When do we get installment number two?

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