Almost a Caketastrophe

Daughter Ro is having a naming ceremony and a birthday party for her twin girls this weekend.  She had filed her copy on Monday for her column in the Irish Times which came out today in which she told her readers that the girls were going to have a sugar free birthday cake.

When she said Ma will you make it for me I was taken aback.  Any cake I have ever made has contained copious amounts of sugar, butter, cream – all the things which are nowadays considered bad for your health.  Don’t worry,  she said, I have a recipe from Susan Jane ( for a chocolate lavender torte.

After obtaining the ingredients from the health food shop  I dutifully made a trial cake on Wednesday on the grounds that you should never do a new recipe for a special occasion without trying it out first.  It was easy enough to do and tasted sumptuous when smothered in raspberries and a big dollop of crème fraiche.  It was so nice that most of it is gone now.

Well actually that would be me. After having consumed copious amounts just to be sure, I deemed it unsuitable for a birthday cake for one year olds.

What to do.  I telephoned the Cake Café and ordered the most healthy sounding cakes on the list:  carrot cake and apple and cinnamon.  Make them round, I said, and put a J on one and a P on the other.  Of course I know there is a lot of sugar in them but surely the apple and carrot makes it OK.

I went and collected the cakes in their boxes and it wasn’t until I opened them when I came home that I found that the apple and cinnamon had a P on it but no icing and the carrot one had a J on it but was in a loaf shape.

It looked all wrong and I was on the verge of tears.  I was a nervous wreck.  I should have made a Victoria sponge or Delia’s chocolate cake, I said. Daughter K comforted me and cited Bagpuss and the industrious mice who always made everything right.

She said we could make a round carrot cake and ice the apple and cinnamon one to match.  Flatmate K went to the shop with the list of ingredients while Daughter K turned on the oven and lined the tin.

Then the telephone rang.  The man from the Cake Café was ringing to say that they had given me the wrong cake.  The carrot cake they meant to give me was round and they were couriering it over to me. The cake arrived by car and it is lovely.

The only thing was that the taxi man wanted €10 for the fare.  I couldn’t believe it.  I am sure the very busy man in the Cake Café didn’t mean that to happen but my purse is getting lighter by the minute.

Meanwhile Daughter K was busy icing the apple and cinnamon cake and decorating it with apple and toasted almonds and it looks amazing.

I will be talking to the nice people in the Cake Cafe when they open on Monday ….


4 thoughts on “Almost a Caketastrophe

  1. a Glad all turned out well in the end Ann…apart from the lightened purse 🙂 enjoyed the Bagpuss mice singing (so cute) and I’m sure your grandaughters enjoyed the delicious looking cakes 🙂

  2. Must see a counsellor about my addiction to your blog. Bagpuss’ author was a patient at my surgery. Love you so much and am packing already for June 2nd. Glad you got back from the countryside all in one piece.

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