Self promotion, moi?

The cakes for the party were delicious.  Only thing was Daughter S who was doing the cutting and plating had not read my blog before attending the party (I can’t imagine why not) and told everyone that they were made by me.  No wonder I got so many appreciative glances as the guests cleaned their plates. I did announce that the provenance of the cakes could be found on – I might have said that a few times as someone accused me of shameless self promotion.

As promised I telephoned the Cake Cafe and asked about my having to pay the taxi man.  They apologised and couldn’t understand it as they had an account with the taxi firm for deliveries.  All is well and instead of taking the €10 in cash  I will probably decide to have some of their famous Portuguese sardines on toast when next I visit. 

Can you believe I am still eating fingers of the chocolate torte.  It keeps forever in the fridge.

The girls were not too sure about having over 60 men, women and children descend upon their territory

Bit apprehensive

but Nanny soon talked them round.

Great fun, great day.  The next big event in the family’s social calender is K and K getting married, that’s if you don’t count granddaughter B’s birthday!


4 thoughts on “Self promotion, moi?

  1. Regardless of who actually MADE the cakes, I think the cake sourcer gets some serious credit too. They were scrumptious. I know because I had a slice of each. You’re not the only one who’s shameless round here!

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