Eyes and toes

Walked the mile into Grafton Street a well woman, apart from a slight limp, taking two Neurophen on the way to ease the ankle pain.

Went to the optician’s for a routine eye test and she thought she saw some water lurking behind my right eye and has referred me to a specialist.  During the course of the examination she inserted eye drops which enlarged my pupil and has left me looking like a one eyed drug addict and feeling a bit lopsided.

Immediately after that I had booked a check up with the orthotics person because the physio said that they might be the cause of my ankle pain.  She removed my orthotics and said she would send them away to be adjusted and left me with very little between my foot and the ground, no orthotic, no insole just foot into bottom of shoe.

I emerged on to Wicklow Street not exactly leg less but feeling decidedly wobbly.

I think the bits in between the eyes and the ankles are OK for now …..


5 thoughts on “Eyes and toes

  1. am being educated by your blog. googled orthotic and am now genned up. glad you haven’t got lymes disease. keep on going but not in circles. x

  2. A one eyed drug addict! This image will stay with me…. 🙂 And you set out on your journey so full of hope too! I feel George Formby should pop up here with his ukelele and say ‘turned out nice agin!’
    Good post Ann – made me chuckle thanks 🙂

  3. Lyme Disease also known as borreliose, it is a very horrible, difficult to treat illness mainly caused by tick bites. Been there, done that, wasn’t fun.

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