Waste not want not

Daughter K is mad for Free Trade at Dublin Waste.  In case you don’t know this is a website where people offer items they no longer require.  The range of goods is extensive from perambulators to pool tables, cat scratching posts to cordless black and decker drills.  Anything is possible.  Recently K and her partner got a ton of top soil for Daughter Ro and the car groaned about it for weeks.

Top soil is fairly easy come by but when other items appear the key is to act promptly.  K was only in the door after a hectic weekend when she logged on and spied a Lloyd Loom chair on offer in Marino.  Meant nothing to me but she told me that Lloyd Loom chairs are made from paper twisted and woven with paper wrapped wire, a process which was invented in 1917 as an alternative to wicker or cane.

Emails were sent, phone calls were made, and within a matter of hours the Lloyd Loom appeared in the house.  The lady who donated it said she had bought it twenty years ago from an antique dealer.

It is very comfortable and would make a great nursing chair, I said.

K will be busy over the next few weeks restoring her Lloyd Loom to its former glory and who knows maybe one day ……


4 thoughts on “Waste not want not

  1. @KT – Heh Heh. Love that chair, it’s going to be so cool when it’s prettied up. I am looking for a lovely, comfy, three seater sofa at the moment so if you see one on your travels around Dublin Waste … x

  2. Yes, Lloyd loom furniture is still collectable. The experts say to always carry a small magnet around in case you get the opportunity of buying the real thing. We had a foot stool once which was painted over and over again, clogging up all the weave so you could hardly see it 🙂

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