Pot. Kettle. Black

Enjoying my cup of coffee on Saturday morning I opened the Irish Times to encounter this.

Of course this is by no means the first time I have been included in Daughter Ro’s Saturday meanderings as regular readers of her column will know.  One of them included practically the whole of a short story I had written based on her and her husband to be’s shortcomings with regard to home making in which, if I remember rightly, she used my words to tell the nation she was expecting twins.

And she has the cheek to say that she worries that I’ll write about her.

OK I do monopolise the pram, that at least is correct, but the glazed look ….

That glazed look as she calls it was there long before I started writing my blog.  It is there because as we walk said daughter talks at length.  She goes on about putting the world to rights or relationships and how they should be conducted, how gossiping is bad for you or the spiritual goings on of the latest ‘guru’ she has discovered depending on what day it is .

Sometimes it gets a bit wearing especially when you are trying to negotiate the pram around the roads and shops in Fairview.  The ‘distant’ look is my default mode until I can get a word in sideways when we stop for coffee in Kennedy’s and I can sit back and offer my own words of wisdom.

About that phone, she could have gone to the trouble of finding out how the thing works instead of moaning about it.  She keeps muttering about iPhones now and if she gets one she will either explode or take off into outer space.  It doesn’t bear thinking about.

And how could she say that.  Six readers indeed.  Those girls in the pram although they are very advanced can’t read as yet but I know for a fact that at least eight grown-ups read my blog.

I suppose you couldn’t do me a favour and leave a comment just to show her?


7 thoughts on “Pot. Kettle. Black

  1. Hhehe! Don’t worry, your readership is assured Ann:) more readership can be had by going on other blogs that interest you and leaving comments. People have got to know about you and what you have to say (which I’ve always found entertaining and well written). I’ve put you on my blogroll, but you need more trumpet blowing 🙂 Deep breath…:)

  2. reading your blog (which I’m glad to say appeared today – if it hadn’t I was going to have to find another that satisfied my cravings. I say to myself, she’s packing, she’s with her family, I’ll give her one more day, then if there isn’t a posting I’ll ring to make sure she’s ok) Makes me feel like I’m there with you all which is just as well as June 2nd is off! Brother C’s house will not be ready so it looks like we’ll be over at end of July. Hoping you’re all around then. PS Tell the twins about me when she’s rambling. x

  3. What’s with the “Ouch” x 2 from your legions of readers?

    Mama Mia, I know you are only having a laugh, no ouch intended or taken.

  4. Another fan writes. The least she can do is name-check you. “This weekend Roisin is mainly reading her mother’s blog at …. “

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