Over exposed

I promised by email to ring him at 8.30 last night but then I saw Coronation Street was on so I didn’t ring until 9 pm.  He answered with a laugh.  Why did you say you would ring at 8.30 when Corrie was on, he said.  You have found my guilty secret, said I, but how did you know I would be watching it?

This was the first time I had ever spoken to the man.  We had been corresponding via the internet since I got back from Greece.  I thought I had been scrupulous about deleting the link to the blog but I had slipped up.  He had read my blog.  The latest entry? I asked.   No. All of it right back to October 2009, he said.  Have you nothing better to do, I asked.  He laughed again and told me that he really felt he knew me now.

You know I am always desperate for new readers but this is all wrong.  I can’t remember everything I have written since the blog started and I am certainly not going to go back and read it now. There is no wriggle room you see.  No white lies.  No make believe.  He knows everything.

He sent me an email today saying that he hopes we can meet up soon either in Dublin or Kerry.  Watch this space ….


3 thoughts on “Over exposed

  1. I will Ann, I will…. It’s strange to look back on past blog entries (I have some mad ones, born from frustration). I will look forward to your date with the man who now knows all. I still remember that man who showed you Pemberley (out in the country, with dogs):)

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