Roll on Thursday

I don’t know how I ever got the time to work.

On Monday I had a call from a man who I met on a Mediterranean cruise a few years back.  He is an entertainer on the ships and he wooed me with his rendition of Annie’s Song on the piano.  We enjoyed one another’s company and meeting him was the highlight of my holiday.  The piano man is cruising around the British Isles and had a stopover in Dublin for a couple of hours.   He came to lunch in Daughter Ro’s place so what with her, the twins and son M who happened to be passing, we were well chaperoned.  Great to see him again though.

On then to a wonderful dinner in Daughter S’s house (roast pork all the trimmings, strawberries and cream and great wine)  and then home to the empty apartment.  It is strangely quiet without my flatmates.

On Tuesday the sink was blocked and try as I might I couldn’t fix it.  The dishwasher and the washing machine all seem to have the same outlet so there was water flowing in all directions.

I abandoned all hope and went to my book club meeting to discuss Puddin’ Head Wilson by Mark Twain.  This was a great success as for once everyone had actually read the book and after a couple of glasses of wine I was ready for the blocked sink.  Daughter Ra bought me some mighty stuff  in Dunne’s Stores on the way home which promised to do the job overnight.

On Wednesday morning the sink was still blocked.  I went to the local hardware and bought a large plunger and industrial strength drain unblocker which I took with me to lunch in Pichet, currently my favourite restaurant.  The nice waiter hid my bag.  He could see the plunger sticking out and we both tacitly agreed (just with a glance) that it didn’t quite do in such a nice establishment.  I met my son E  and two of his neighbours from the US and we had a great meal and conversation flowed.

Would the water from the sink do the same I pondered as I walked home.  I donned rubber gloves, poured the solution down the drain, stood back and 15 minutes later the water is draining and fingers crossed the situation is under control.

What next …


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