Funny the things you remember when the sun shines.

It was a Sunday in July 1981.  All the children were scrubbed and dressed and dying to get there.  We went every year and thank goodness this day was a hot one.

We boarded the bus and as we drew near Michael started to sing: At Booterstown the cab broke down and the cabman lost his whiskers …. The rest embarrassed tried to shut him up.  I held back the tears. Their daddy had taught them that one.  I could never make out what it was all about.

The Fair was full of all the usual things – the rides, the white elephant stall, the tombola.  The children anxious to spend their pocket money were dashing off in all directions.  As I watched them I was overcome with grief and unable to hide I sat on the grass as my tears flowed.

Everything was the same as last year and the year before only this time, for the first time, he wasn’t there.

July 2010, thirty years later, sunny days like this bring back memories and I miss him.


6 thoughts on “Peter

  1. i always remember peter singing he’d come along after a few scoops and we’d have a great sing song he was a lovely kind gentleman in every sense of the word i was only a teenager but he treated us all with love and respect i still think of him often and when i do it brings a smile to my face ….RIP Peter xxxxxxxxxxx

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