G what a week

I am spending three days in Galway at the wonderful G hotel*.  Daughter Ro is working and kindly invited me to join her.

I did the races on Tuesday which was a disaster.  I didn’t lose money but it was cold, windy and depressing.  I just could not understand why there were so many scantily dressed women with hats on, tripping about on heels so high I felt more of a midget than I usually do.  I think their endurance and giddiness might have had something to do with alcohol, it’s only a guess.

On Wednesday I went into the ESPA  at the G where I was alone in the Thermal suite.  Sauna, shower with essences, vitality pool with pulsating seats, oh heaven.  I felt like a film star and there were no mirrors in sight to disenchant me.  An aromatherapy massage and half an hour in the rooftop relaxation room gazing out at the swaying trees as I sipped my complimentary smoothie completed the idyll. 

Invigorated temporarily I took a quick taxi ride into Galway where I  had great fish and chips in Michael McDonagh’s on Quay Street.  I have never tasted batter so crisp.  I wandered around the shops, bought a couple of books in Charlie Byrne’s and wondered at all the accents around me. Tourists Galore for race week.  A scone and a pot of tea in Goya’s and I was ready to return to my luxurious accommodation. 

Once in the room I fell asleep and was only awakened by daughter Ro’s return from the races three hours later.

As we made our way downstairs we could hear the  jazz and soul music being played and sung by Victor Haynes and Dean Houston who by some miracle of modern technology were able to walk around the lounges, bars and restaurant as they performed.  Of course Ro and I knew most of the songs and she did a pretty good low key duet with the saxophonist as he played Lady in Red to us as we dined.

Can things get any better I ask myself?  Not much surely but I still have a day to go.

* Link in German for A and S


3 thoughts on “G what a week

  1. *gasp* Mentioned in a link on Ann’s blog! That’s it, I’ve made it, finally arrived in the international jet-set-in-scene-thingy.

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