Indian whiting surprise anyone?

I was never actually a member of the Sandymount Ladies Club but I seemed to be called in on various occasions.  They had a competition for cooking treacle tart and they asked me to judge it.  I presume it was because I was born in England and treacle tart is a very British dessert.

On another occasion I was asked to enter a fish cooking competition. It was organised by Bord Iascaigh Mhara and unfortunately I didn’t win but BIM handed out some recipes for us to try.  One of these was Indian Whiting Surprise.  I have tried googling it but BIM must have deleted it from their recommendations long ago and it is no wonder.  The ingredients included pineapple, curry powder, onions, tomatoes, cheese, mayonnaise, whiting and rice. I may have left something out.

The recipe required that a kind of curry sauce with chopped up pineapple was made, the whiting was baked in the oven, the cheese was grated and mixed with mayonnaise and the rice cooked.  The assembly of the whole thing was a layer of rice, then the curry mixture, then the fish, topped with the mayo and cheese mix and the whole lot was placed under the grille so that the cheese and mayo bit could brown.

Just writing this makes me nauseous so heaven help my poor children when it was placed before them.  I believe it still gives some of them nightmares.


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