Gone fishin’ ……

Just a quick note to say that some real life activities are taking up my time at present so I won’t be blogging for a while.  Thanks so much for your comments and interest.  It has been great.


12 thoughts on “Gone fishin’ ……

  1. Hey you mean this blog’s not real life? What have I been reading? (-: (I’ve never typed a smiley face before). Good luck with the real stuff and come back soon.X

  2. Sometime – sometime. No, I don’t like to use the bossy family trait side, I’m more for the easy going accepting side but no, sometime is not enough. Sometime soon, ok, sometime never, not ok. What will I do without my wonderful short stories to keep me going. Please Please Please reconsider. (Not that I’m exerting any pressure or anything like that. Look if the Jolly Boys can still perform you can too. Love you and love your writing. Take it easy with the real life stuff. x

  3. Ann, I have loved your stories and I understand that you now need to bring yourself alive in a different way. You can put the blog box away and return to it at any time except it may have to get a new title. Have a feeling that after retirement is no longer valid. Love, Ali xxx

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