Anybody out there?

1st January 2011

Cup of tea and 30 minutes on the circulation booster as usual.

Had a shower.  K received an amazing Aveda Shampoo for Christmas the smell of which lifts the spirits.  Maybe I should have asked her if it’s OK if I use it.

Boiled egg, coffee and conversation with flatmates.

Cleaned out the fridge (funny smell, only spilt milk).

Found leeks at bottom of fridge.  Cooked potato and leek soup.

Peeled potatoes and carrots for dinner tonight.

Peeled and cooked apples for an as yet unknown afters.  Grandchild P asked me at Christmas what was the difference between dessert, pudding and afters.  It took me a while to explain they’re all the one it just depends where you come from and how you were brought up.  His maternal grandmother says pudding and in this case she was technically quite right as the question arose as we were eating our Christmas one.

Wrote shopping list for K but forgot to include washing up liquid.  We have been using the remnants of our Fairy for the last week.  Try it sometime it really does go a long way.

We had left over mashed potato so I made potato cakes and fried sausages for lunch.

All this before 2 o’clock.  Was I so industrious this morning just to avoid re-starting my blog today as I promised myself  I would?   If so, why?  Do I really not want to continue doing it? And most importantly what is my motivation anyway?

After some contemplation  I have come to the conclusion that I like talking to myself.  I can’t do it  verbally because they would have me locked up.  But really that’s what I’m doing here, talking things through, quietly with no one to answer back or contradict.

At at the end of this short writing exercise  I feel contented.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?  If it makes me happy and I’m not hurting anyone why not?

My two youngest grandchildren are always telling me Silly Nanny, be happy so I am taking their advice for better or worse.


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