Feast of free culture

On New Year’s Eve I attended an event (Sounding a Positive Note) in the National Gallery which was a collaboration between Poetry Ireland and the Gallery.

To a packed audience poets, gallery staff and others read poems and talked about paintings.  Kathleen Watkins’ wonderful voice filled the room when it was her turn to perform, Duncan Stewart took the opportunity not to read a poem but to talk about what we can do for the environment and Marie Bourke gave us an illuminating talk on Jack B. Yeats, brother of William Butler Yeats.

The highlight for me was listening to Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill who as well as conveying her excitement at the recent news of the return of bitterns to Ireland, sang and read her poetry in both English and Irish.

It was a great start to a year which I hope will include many more events like this.

Thanks to Poetry Ireland and the National Gallery for providing this free entertainment for all to attend.


2 thoughts on “Feast of free culture

  1. Sounds an inspiring day. I was so excited to see and hear my first bittern last year. Have seen half a dozen since or maybe the same bittern flying round and round!

  2. And Stephen Rea! I spoke to one of the participants and he said it was an unexpectedly uplifting occasion. There is talk about them doing it again. I’ll be there next time I hope. Ro x

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