The mystery of the necklace

You know how annoying it is when you lose something that you love.  India Knight recently wrote on Twitter that she had found a pair of earrings which had been lost for six years.  She was so happy.  My predicament is different but no less upsetting than a loss.

Between 20th and 27th December I was given a lovely necklace.  Over the course of that period, in fact, I was given three necklaces and they were all assorted shades of green and blue.  But this particular necklace I am talking about is the one below.

I really like it and have been wearing it a lot over the past days.  One of the reasons I am wearing it, apart from the fact that I love it, is because I am hoping someone is going to say to me “I’m so glad you liked my gift”.  You see I have forgotten who gave it to me and it is really getting me down.

I don’t think it is the beginning of some senile dementia but whatever is happening to me I have a mental block.  It has now got to the stage where I am dreaming about it but still the generous donor does not appear.  Just me smiling and saying thank you so much.

I have checked my diary for clues but my social engagements were few around this time as because of  the snow and ice I couldn’t get out.  What difference does it make you might say and I suppose you’d be right but somehow in the back of my mind I don’t think I thanked the person properly.

I doubt if this is going to help, just wanted to share it with you.


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