Seville oranges sweetened with love

It’s been a sad week in The Windmill.  Too sad really to talk about.

The only thing that has kept me going is the marmalade.  It has to be made in January or early February when the Seville oranges are available.  My son Michael kindly bought me some oranges and daughter Rachael gave me sugar so it has practically cost me nothing except time and energy.

It is therapeutic in its own way, all that squeezing, chopping and boiling but very time consuming.  It can only be made in batches of six jars so the whole process has to be repeated over and over.  I finally lost it at the very last batch as the molten marmalade boiled over.  The cooker was a sorry mess.

Marmalade making was just what I needed to cope with the situation.  Why is it always food that keeps me going and why on earth do I think it will help anybody else?  One of my daughters and her husband were made redundant the same week some years back and they came to tell me.   I fussed around and made them a splendid meal, everything that I knew they liked best.  All they really wanted was for me to sit down with them, talk it through, give them a kiss and a cuddle.

I think I do better now and with the pungent background odour of marmalade boiling I gave lots of much needed love and attention and received it back in abundance.

Lots of the marmalade will be given away.  It makes a good present for those who like it.  Here at home it will be a constant reminder of a sad time in our lives.  Nevertheless we will look to the future and January 2012 when the next batch will be made.


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