The gods of electronic reading material (GERM) are not on my side.

My son in America asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  A Kindle, I said, or one of those Sony Readers.  Lovely boy bought me a Nook in a wonderful lime green suede cover.  Thing is the actual Nook device had been stolen in the airport on the way over so on Christmas Day when I opened it all I had was the cover.  He organised a replacement and it arrived very quickly.  I was overjoyed.

It is truly amazing.  It is in colour, it has a built-in dictionary, battery lasted for long enough to read a 800 page book and there was access to over 2,000,000 books.  Only there wasn’t at least not for me because you can only purchase ebooks for the Nook if you are in the US.  They wouldn’t even let me download the free ones.

The son was very upset and tried all ways to get around this but to no avail.  The Nook had to be returned.

On hearing my plight Brother Ron said I could have his Sony Reader ebook which he no longer used, having upgraded to the iPad.  It came in the post and I was mightily impressed.  It looks very neat and unobtrusive with its brown leather cover.  It is as light as a feather and fits into my handbag perfectly.

He had already purchased and downloaded over 100 books.  Unfortunately Ron’s reading tastes and mine are not the same.  You can have too much of John Grisham and Tom Clancy.

I went on the computer, selected Room by Emma Donoghue, paid my money and then went through the process of downloading the Reader Library and Adobe to make it all work.  The book landed on my desktop and all I had to do was download it to my Sony.  But I can’t because I am not the ‘authorised’ owner.

Maybe it’s a sign from the aforementioned gods to give up my fancy ideas and return to the Library.


4 thoughts on “GERMs

  1. Ann, May I suggest that these two solution-oriented gentlemen co-operate and gift you with a Kindle via Amazon UK. Tell those GERMs that surely they must desire to bring pleasure to a modern-day goddess of Irish literature. Dot xx

  2. I suggest you e-mail the Ebook user support people explaining that your brother gave you his old one and that you wish to register it in your name. I am sure they can find a way to change the name of the authorised owner.

  3. Yes, I did do the simple thing of going to Waterstones buying the book and reading it in almost one sitting. Then passed it on to daughter. Is it still the best way?

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